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What’s better than coming home after a long day? Coming home to a clean house and garden! Clearly. See how happy a clean home can make you with a free quote from Green Acres. We’ll be sure to put a smile on your face, and your kettle.

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Green Acres is partnering with STIHL so our franchisees can meet customers’ demands for low carbon garden care services. Our green tech pipeline offers clean, quiet, battery-powered equipment to help you grow your business, reduce emissions and save money.

Customers have told us they want to help reduce carbon emissions, and we’ve responded. We’re doing our bit to help the planet. Green Acres is partnering with STIHL, the market leader in battery-powered lawn and garden care equipment, so all our Lawn & Garden franchisees can transition from fossil fuel to battery-power.

Collectively we’ll be reducing our carbon emissions, taking the equivalent of 25 Ford Rangers off the road every year for the next three years.

The planet wins, as do our customers, their neighbours and our franchisees.
• Franchisees won’t be putting out any carbon emissions when they mow lawns and trim hedges.
• Franchisees can save up to $18,000 over the life of the battery (5 years) compared to petrol equipment.
• STIHL’s battery-powered equipment is so quiet the neighbours won’t notice – and neither will the birds.
• It’s cleaner and safer – franchisees won’t have to carry fuel and mix it with oil to get the job done.
• The equipment is lighter, which will lighten the physical load on franchisees.

Join us in going green for a cleaner future.

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