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Pool Cleaning

Green Acres can help you keep your pool, spa or hot tub beautifully clear, chemically balanced, and economical to run. We’ll skim and rake to remove any debris, clean your filters, vacuum, carry out pH testing and balancing, and add all the right products to keep your pool safe as well as sparkling.

You’ll also be left with a science-based maintenance plan covering everything you’ll need to do to maintain your pool.

Green Acres Pool Cleaning services are available in the following locations:

Green Acres pool maintenance team

Get expert advice

Our pool valet sub-franchisees are comprehensively trained in all there is to know about pool maintenance - from chlorine to pH to the most effective debris-sweeping techniques. They can help you with any questions you may have around pool care including chlorine alternatives and maintaining saltwater pools.

Green Acres pool maintenance sub-franchisee sweeping pool

We make pool care easy

You don't have to supply or store a thing. Our professional pool care sub-franchisees bring all their own tools, and use and provide only the best products.

Green Acres pool maintenance tools

Your satisfaction is our business

Green Acres’ pool valet services are supported by our guaranteed satisfaction philosophy, and all our sub-franchisees are fully insured and security checked for your peace of mind.