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Car Valet

When you choose Green Acres to carry out your car valet, we come to you for your convenience. Whether it suits you to have your car cleaned at home, at work or elsewhere, our professional sub-franchisees will make it happen and bring along everything they need.

Choose your level of service:

  • Flash Dash'n'Vac: You’ll get an exterior wash and dry, interior vacuuming, and dressing of tyres and bumpers – plus a thorough clear-out of any litter.
  • Deluxe: All of the above, plus a bit of extra care and attention and a thorough polishing.
  • Super Deluxe: A top-of-the-line car valet service including a comprehensive clean inside and out; a full wash, dry, wax and polish; dressing of tyres and bumpers, vinyl protectant application and deodorising.

Our car cleaning processes are designed to be environmentally friendly, and we utilise waterless cleaning wherever possible. 

Green Acres Car Valet services are available in the following locations:
Auckland, Christchurch, Waikato

Green Acres car valet sub-franchisees cleaning windows

Your bling brought back to life

We’ll make your car feel and smell like new inside and out! Upholstery and leather cleaning are a specialty, along with mag wheels – you’ll even get your carpets and mats washed and vacuumed.

Green Acres car valet sub-franchisees spraying tires

Two wheels, four wheels, more wheels…

Cars aren’t the only things we clean: 4x4s, vans, trailer boats, utes, camper vans, motorbikes and buses can all be serviced.

Green Acres car valet sub-franchisees polishing car interior

We care for your car

Our sub-franchisees are trained professionals, and are all fully insured and security checked. So you can rest easy knowing we’ll handle your set of wheels with care and attention to detail.